Heineken Blade Case Study – Hacking The Beer Industry

Client Overview :

Blade® by Heineken is a revolutionary professional beer draught system. Blade’s small footprint and innovative compression system that doesn’t require CO2 or other gasses allows you to serve premium draught beer from any countertop.

Challenge :

Although the brand is well known and respected, the Heineken team has historically had difficulty competing with the long-entrenched incumbents in the American draft beer market. The new product allows bar and restaurant owners to add a new draft option without the extensive and often expensive setup and construction.

However, the newness means the customer needs education: on the benefits and feature of the new draft beer device and convince them to share their info to be approached by one of Blade’s sales reps.

Solution :

Success :

The Innoleaps team worked closely with the Heineken team as they opened sales in new markets over an evolving six months to deliver over 1,940 leads. As the website improved, the team got it to convert visitors at 12% (135% above industry benchmark of 5%), and pushed the cost per acquisition (CPA) down from > $200 to ~ $10.

The chart below shows the progress over time as the team focused on the metric that mattered, and pushed CPA down an order of magnitude.

Key Highlights :